Download 100 % Fud Keylogger : Hack Facebook Account | Spy Pc

another fud keylogger which I already had but as of christmas , I want to give you all surprise or gift. Yeah ! this remote keylogger is 100% Fud , currently released on internet. So take its benefit as soon as possible.

Download Fud Keylogger : Hack Facebook Account | Spy Pc

This new released remote keylogger is 100% fud having high spying capacity, It was just created few days ago so no antivirus is aware of this new keylogger , so download and make he use of this keylogger as soon as possible.

Features of this remote keylogger :-
Built-In Icon Changer.
Ability to send/receive logs through SMTP w/ fully customizable options.
Built-in 1-click Vaccine.exe to remove the virus.
Send Screenshots w/ each log
Compile server as .exe/.com/.pif/.scr file.
Ability to Add to startup through HKCU, HKLM, or ActiveX.
Unique Polymorphic Server on every Compile.
How to use this fud keylogger :-
First create a new gmail account - recommended
Then download the remote fud keylogger from below
Extract it to desktop and open it
Now enter the gmail account id and password and reset the sending intervels
Now click on generate and then compile server
You will find a new file created to desktop
It is looking very dull so I have given a file binder and icon changer along with it
Just use that file binder and icon changer - its easy steps so I donot have to explain
Now send that file to victim by any mean.
Now as soon as victim will run it you will start spying him and hack account

File Information :-

Name :- Fud Keylogger | 100% fud keylogger | Fud remote keylogger
Size :- 1.7 Mb
Download :- Click Here to Download Leets fud keylogger

Enjoy This Free Fud Keylogger And Donot forget to comment...

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  1. Download it and Tested.. Only 1 out of 3 Executable files Inside the .rar shows Infections on VirusTotal. The file "Easy Binder.exe" Anyways,, Im running Ubuntu on all my Secure Online Surfing.. Windows for this king of Thins.. I'll post after Trying it.. Thanks ^^


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