Get Details Of any Reliance Mobile Numbers GSM/CDMA - Prepaid Postpaid

Hello Frendz,
By this trick you can know the name and details of the user using the searched reliance prepaid/postpaid number.
Be it for prepaid/postpaid landline or prepaid/postpaid mobile, u will get his info for free and fast.

Just visit the below website :-
1.First sign up here For account
2.Verify your email (Must)
3.Visit-- - for prepaid - for postpaid

5. Enter the number of whom u want details..
6. And then click Continue.
And now u will get a screen with the number and customer name with details.
Note :- 
Please Dont misuse or over use it. I dont want this trick to be banned.


  1. Thganks i got all details ... thanks for updating post


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